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Solutions At Your Fingertips

In A World Of Technology... Neobanking Has Never Been Easier...
With Empire!

Building Your Empire With An Edge
No fees, No minimums
Approved In Minutes

Submit your application today!


-Receive non traditional member benefits & discounts that can enhance everyday savings.

-Help your communities & tribes grow economically without taking away from your finances.

-Members can actively participate in some company decision-making, through Empire established committees.


Everyone Deserves An Empire,

We Will Be The Stone That Builds Yours


Tribal/Individual Accounts:

-Member Benefits

- Cash-Back Rewards

-Merchant Rewards

- Physical & Virtual Debit Card

- No Monthly Service Fees

- No Opening Deposit Required

- Convenient Online/Mobile Access

- Secured Credit Card Option (Phase II)


- Freeze Card

- Manage Spending

- Alternative Loading Options

-Tax-Deductable Donation Options - (Phase II)

Additional Options 

Empire works to make your vision a reality, products in the making include...

- Small personal loan options (Phase III)

- Community development loan options (Phase III)

-Empire Cryptocurrency Wallet (Phase IIII)



Empire is an online-only front-end focused, neobank that gives customers an alternative to traditional banking practices. Empire does this through assisting in the evolution of digital banking and offering additional services that traditional banks don't offer while providing a unique approach to delivering tools that enhance customer, community and tribal support.

A neobank is a fintech that relies on relationships with chartered banks that facilitate the provision of the neobank’s financial services.

Empire is a neobank and license sponsor provides banking services/products, while Empire incorporates the vision and purpose of a convenient neobanking world that supports real world individuals, tribes and communities in their development goals!

The Empire platform removes all the technology hassles, while bringing in numerous rewards and other benefits to our customers, their communities and tribal nations.






Last Update 06/11/2022

1. Profit Share: Profit share through signed agreement only. Profit Share only available to community serving nonprofits and tribal governments. Profit share amount and terms subject to change and can be at random. Profit share based on account activity and requirements for cobranded card holders. Any program changes after signed agreement will be will be sent in writing to organization receiving profit share disbursements. Profit share disbursements are released on a quarterly basis, within 30 days from quarter closing for generated sums equal or greater that $50.00. 

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