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Empire will be presenting at demo day on September 8th, 2022!
Join us as we share our pitch deck for the first time to the public, Empire provides first Community & Tribal digital banking platform that assist in economic, cultural and social development. One major key in sustainable development is sustainable finance backed by consistent funding sources. This is why Empire places funding back into the originating communities and tribes it came from, as a consistent self-driven fund for economic, cultural and social development!

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The United Nations and Empire?
With a goal of obtaining accreditation and consultative, Empire was accepted into the United Nations Civil Society Database on April 6th 2022 as an Indigenous Peoples organization, breaking the 1st milestone. 


Empire Will Be Launching Soon!
Empire began the Mbanq Labs Accelerator Cohort June 1st 2022. Mbanq Labs, a division of Mbanq a global leader in Core Digital Banking, is the first Banking-as-a-Service acceleration program worldwide that's aimed at creating global FinTech infrastructure.  

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